Steve's new ride

Last week-end, Steeve and Caro went to visit us with their new ride:

a beautiful 1500 from 1967 (who said the best VW ever?).

Steve OVS Mars 07


A friend from him found the car on the street near Paris.

It took quite a few time to get it, but finally.... the deal was done.

Love the patina and especially the front bumper's one!

Steve OVS Mars 07b


Well, the car is now in good hands; Steeve is restoring a Karman for his Father, and a 52 Split, that's curently on welding stage.

Steve split


Here's the new Rav Racing good looking sticker; great combo with the Castrol one, the Pop Out and.... the one year only handle.

Steve OVS Mars 07c


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