Back from England

Well, another very good edition.

Always good to be there in March!


here are some cool buses:


The Tinoc, now at the floor!

VoWo Show 040_resize

The color combo between burn paint and Chromies Centerline

VoWo Show 041_resize

Superb White Samba with green 23 tinted windows

VoWo Show 042_resize

Two Samba Barndoor; Rikki Jame's wold know one; the other is resurected!

VoWo Show 029_resize
Crewcab and bike with patina

VoWo Show 044_resize

From the bus barn

VoWo Show 028_resize

Pick up with side scoops and period perfect wheels (Ansen?)

VoWo Show 026_resize
And finally the most impressive project: top chopped drag crew cab; looks like the 1/18 one but.... much bigger!

VoWo Show 090_resize

paint seems to be inspired from SNG Gasser...
VoWo Show 089_resize_resize

VoWo Show 096_resize

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The "Grosse claque" C'etait ma première au Vo Wo Show et bien je ne m'en suis pas encore remis!!!!!

Écrit par : arno | 02/04/2007

wheels pour moi c des halibrands ou des jp wheels de suede sur le pick up

Écrit par : speedwell | 02/04/2007

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