SW Engine check

Here's our last job; SW engine disassembly to check the SPG crank and how it was fitted.


Thanks to Gary, we knew the mods that were required: cranck has to pined and welded and bearing to be notched...

... all right here!

Here's the engine masterpiece: 82 SPG crank


But, is there someting wrong?


Only 3 cylinders! And we didn't hear it!

Then, even if engine only had 2 passes, 2 cylinders were out of order

Cyl 3
As I did have a set of 90B NPR available (same boring as 92), we decided to mount them!

NPR 90 blog2

NPR 90 blog

It was 2180 (82 X92); it's now 2080 (82 X90)

Longblock is now ready; can't wait till next week end to hear it!

Special thx to Pascal (Mulkosor) and Xav'



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